Customers often struggle with deciding what size of artwork they need for a particular space. Will the art look crowded by adjacent walls or furniture or by contrast will it look lost on a large wall. There is no one solution but here are a few tips.

Once a customers has chosen a particular piece of art, they need to find out what sizes are available. Nowadays with most art being offered as print-on-demand it is easy to determine the perfect size for your decorating needs.  Determining that size can be a little bit tricky. A simple solution is to make a paper or cardboard mock up using a size that you think will fit the best. Ideally you want the width of your artwork to be at least 4-6 inches away from any wall or piece of furniture. Now that you have an approximate horizontal dimension you can approximate the corresponding height. Then simply tape some scrap paper or cardboard together using those dimensions tape it into your chosen space. From there you can make it smaller or larger by cutting the mock up or adding to it. If you are buying a canvas that will go into a frame, then you will need to add another 3-4 inches on all sizes of your mock up.

On our website we usually display several available sizes. We are generally able to obtain in between  sizes as well as smaller and larger offerings. Simply contact us with your desired size and we’ll be happy to inquire about obtaining it for you.

Fitting Art Into Your Desired Location ?