Everybody likes to have choices when it come to shopping (and of course politics… lol). But is there such a thing as too much choice. At Just Wall Decor we think that there is and we have made a conscious choice to limit the number of products that we offer to our customers. 

At Just Wall Decor we value our customers’ time and don’t want to try their patience by having to plow  through a voluminous number of images that may be very similar or of questionable artistic quality. As such we have endeavored to focus the best artwork we can find. By offering our customers a curated collection of about 25,000 pieces of art, we hope to dramatically reduce the tedium that comes from searching art mega sites. 

Obviously we cannot anticipate every piece of art that our customers are looking for and when that happens you can simply Contact Us and we shall be happy to do the legwork for you even if we occasionally have to refer you to a competitor’s website.

100,000 Products ? … NOT