Patrick Zephyr didn’t start out to be a professional photographer. Rather he studied exercise science at the University of Massachusetts in 1992. After completing his degree he participated in a three month canoeing expedition in a remote region of the Northwest Territories of Canada. There he purchased his first camera to document this adventure, and has been taking photos ever since. In 1998 he decided to turn his passions for the natural world and photography into a full-time profession. Since that time his new found profession has taken him to such places as the Bugaboos in British Columbia, the rainforests and mountainous regions of the west coast, the everglades and countless National Parks. But surprisingly the majority of Patrick’s images are captured within 30 miles of his home in Massachusetts.

Patrick is now an established and award winning professional nature photographer. His photographs are displayed throughout New England, and have been published in a variety of print media along with text books, calendars and fine art nature cards.

Patrick’s goal s to show people that the beauty and magic of the natural world is waiting to be explored in our own backyards. He hopes that in viewing his photographs, people will be inspired explore and learn about the wild places around them and appreciate the beauty in the natural world that surrounds them.

You can see all of Patrick Zephyr’s wonderful photos HERE

Patrick Zephyr